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Current Work Archive

- 05/06/2010

I have been commuting about 4 days a week since the spring started and enjoy the fast paced commuter olympic racers.

- 04/30/2010

I think it is kind of cool that I have more than one customer that can literally walk here and check out their bike.

Having the shop tucked away in the middle of a business/residential area has it pitfalls but it also has its neat aspects. More than a handful of my customers live so local that they can take a walk to the shop and see the progress of their bike. Today Dylan came by with his daughter but I was unfortunately just about to tack his bike. It did not look like much so I figured I would put up this photo so he can see it after tacking.

- 04/21/2010

Seems to be a popular item. I think for good reason.

- 04/16/2010

I once again want to show my respect for my painter Todd Eroh.

- 04/14/2010

While I was soaking a tube after an internal cable guide I made this head tube.

It is for the Cane Creek zero stack headset. The next bike I am building is for a rather strong fellow and I think this is a great option for him. Also when he decides to get a suspension fork for the bike it can be taper 1.5" steerer. This head tube started out as 2" .188" tubing and had a crap load of machine work done. It is .055" wall now with the .125" rings on each end. Rather light and super strong with the large O.D. I think it looks kind of cool.

- 04/09/2010

A while back Rody Walter of Groovy Cycle Works posted a blog entry about his new Lagun Vertical Mill.

Here is a link to the entry:

- 04/07/2010

Jeff's road bike underway.

I have been rather productive the last few weeks. I have a few projects that I really would like to find time for but these last bikes are allowing me to maintain some form of timely delivery. I fell behind last year and am trying to get somewhat back on track. There are a few tools I really want to make, this year I am building a few titanium beta bikes and I also have to build a bike for Jamie Swan who is building my new road bike. Somehow I will fit all this in while becoming a father as well. Should be a busy year!

- 04/05/2010

A few weeks ago I posted "fillets". Now I will enter welds.

I like all forms of joinery and also really like having the ability to do all of them. TIG welding has lots of uses and one of them is speed. Not many will deny that TIG welding was introduced into the bicycle manufacturing world to speed things up a bit. Once the lug was not as common it was easier to TIG weld a bicycle than use fillets and spend time with finish work. I like that TIG welding just puts your work out there for the people to see.

- 04/03/2010

I have a few road bikes in a row. I am excited about all of them.

First one is a "weekend warrior" style bike. It is a bike that is hopefully going to be zippier and lighter than Brian's light tour/commuter bike. He wants this bike for the weekend rides when he is not loaded down. Carbon fork, fast back styling and fully TIG welded. Super straight forward bike with an exact purpose. I like that.

Here is Brian's bike after tacking and an alignment check. Next I add more tacks and weld it in the correct sequence.

- 03/30/2010

Making fillets smooth. They sure look nice once done.

I do like the look of fillet brazed bikes. There is a certain industrial beauty in TIG welding but something about a smooth fillet that just works with a bicycle.