Current Work Archive

- 02/04/2010

Chuck U. was in the shop today and we hopefully captured a few cool moments.

I like having photos of my process at the show so people can see first hand how the bikes are made. It is a hard task for all involved since Chuck wants the lighting perfect, I prefer working in the shop without distractions and lastly we both end up tripping over each other because the place gets filled up real fast. Here is a snapshot of Chuck getting ready to take a few shots of one step during the making of a stem.

- 02/02/2010

Seems I like adding some pressure to the situation. NAHBS is just around the corner.

Andrea's bike should be done Thursday and then I need to get going on Carl's road bike. Bunch of stuff came back from paint, my new hardware for the seat posts got here and I needed to flip that instantly for the anodizer and lastly I was having issues getting all the parts I needed for the NAHBS bikes. My friends at IF pulled through and saved the day with an Edge fork for Carl's bike.

- 01/28/2010

Andrea's bike is moving along nicely.

- 01/24/2010

I am building my wife Andrea a new bike for her birthday.

- 01/22/2010

Not many people weld and braze. I love brazing.

Finish work can be time consuming but the better the fillet the less the effort. Here is a fillet for Kevin's stem. It should not take much to clean up.

- 01/13/2010

There is a reason I charge 3 times as much for stainless.

- 01/09/2010

First day back after fighting a sinus infection and nasty cold.

Brazed Chuck's bike today. Here it is after tacking and getting ready to braze.

Here is the front head tube lug after some clean-up. There has been no cleaning of the shore lines yet.

- 01/06/2010

I rarely take days off but now I have been forced into it.

- 12/30/2009

Here is Chuck's BB lug after welding, cutting and some smoothing out.

- 12/29/2009

Chuck's bike gets all made from scratch lugs (except the seat post lug).

I did however cut the seat post lug quite a bit to match the theme of the other lugs. The stem, post and fork are ready to go to Spectrum Powder Works. The task now is making all the lugs for the frame. Here is the seat lug after welding, grinding and shaping. I think it looks rather cool.