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How to define a bike?

Never been a big fan of the idea of giving bicycles a model short of it being a mountain bike, cross bike or a road bicycle. Then of course you field questions about your bikes and you discover that there could be a few separations in the bicycles that would help people get what it is you are trying to do. I am trying to make the best bicycles I can always with that end user in mind. Not everyone will want/need the same "model".

I have always been a bigger fan of calling the bikes tailor made instead of custom. I have an aesthetic and a way I make bicycles, that is not up for debate or change. The bicycle will however be tailored to the end user and what they want to achieve. Here comes the point of the post. I will be offering a design that uses butted titanium tubes in the front, oversized chainstays to get the best "get up and go" and seat stays that will allow for a lighter feel to the bike when seated. What will this be called? Signature model? That gives the impression that the others are of less quality (which they won't be). Race? That is again not what I am trying to get across. Custom? Just writing that makes me upset. So with that I will introduce a new bicycle at NAHBS and it will have all the features that I feel make the bikes the absolute best they can be. They probably won't have a name beyond the obvious. They will however be rather technically advanced and offer the best bicycle possible for someone looking for this type of machine.

Today I am going to weld the first of these bikes. It is a butted titanium disc cross bike. It will have a steel fork since nothing off the shelf will come close to working. Should be a rather cool bike when all built up.

Next item to be worked out is ceramic coating instead of liquid paint as an option on the titanium. It is super light, thin which helps the raw ti to coating transition and is tough as nails. More about that later.



Looking into the future everyone has a plan. What is your 5 year plan? Mine has a few changes. One of the big changes is to move to only offering titanium bicycles. I will be offering steel bicycles to all repeat customers. New however the goal is to remove the option of steel bicycles.

This is not because I do not like steel. It is because my personal goal has always been to make a bicycle the best I can. The best bicycle I can make is a titanium bicycle. It is light, strong, stiff in all the right ways and will never rust. It allows me to make a bicycle from start to finish and control faster delivery times. This all adds up to a happier customer base and a happier builder.

Recently I also got a new machine that will allow for butted tubing. This is a process called centerless grinding. It removes material from the middle section of the tubes to help save weight yet not compromise strength. It will be an offering on road and cross bicycles for most customers. There will always be exceptions when the butted tubes just won't work for the end user. But most can have this option for an additional $500. It can yield a road frame that can weigh as little as 2.5 lbs.

Soon I will get a gallery up that will show all the different decal options. Currently the color options are the following. Matte Black, Matte White, Red, Blue, Orange and Lime Green.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful fall weather.

Thanks for reading.



I have been horrible about posting to the blog! I have on the other hand embraced Facebook for how easy it is to use. The blog suffered but if anyone is connected (via the social network) they see I have been doing updates. It has been mostly titanium which makes me really happy.

Titanium allows me to get bikes done faster and also allows me to do a bicycle from start to finish. Speaking of finish the next step is a vinyl plotter. It has been ordered and all the masking will be printed here. On top of that the bikes will get the option of decals in some colors (although the colors mean stickers). One of those colors will be LIME GREEN! Riding the bandwagon of the running world I love the bright neon like colors!

We have some new features hitting the website and it was the start of me not posting here. I kept thinking it was not worth the effort since the new site will get put up (this is not any pressure Nick). It will happen soon and it will include a new menu for putting a deposit down and buy some small merchandise.

Anyway if you are curious what I have been up to click on the Facebook link below and see some random words.

Thanks for reading.


ps- The Phillies stink which is a total bummer!


Updates and NAHBS follow up

Well sorry in advance for not updating the blog during the weeks approaching NAHBS. It was a hectic month and everything barely got done in time. It all did and I was rather proud of all the work that was there. Not much in the bells and whistles department but all good clean fabricating with a lot of hidden little touches. It was nice to get the titanium bikes in the media and get the word out.

Speaking of titanium I was hesitant to publish a price and answer the question of how much because so much was not figured out leading up to the show. I have since sat down and figured everything out and will be introducing the bikes at $3250.00 This includes the standard satin finish that is lightly brushed and etched logos. In time it will either move towards a transfer decal or anodizing to add an option of a splash of color. This price will be a one price all options included deal. All disc brake bikes will get either the new drop out or the Paragon Rocker if it is wanted/needed. All the standard brake, centerpull or cantilever bikes will get the Firefly drop out. In the weeks to come we will update the galleries and have some better detail shots of the things I am talking about.

Next exciting news is the lead times. One of the big advantages of titanium is how the bikes are finished quicker without the time added for paint. This has allowed me to lower the time to 9 months with the hope of mid summer changing it to 6 months. The 6 month turn around might not stand for painted bikes but it should be available for the titanium bikes. This is very exciting for me since I know it is hard to wait a year + for anything.

Keep watching the Facebook page as I have been posting all the press that the bikes are getting with a link.

Lastly I want to Thank Ed and Dan for all their hard work before, during and after the show. None of it would have been possible without their hard work. Thanks for that!